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They said you wouldn't make it so far

And ever since they've said it its been hard

But never mind that night'cha had to cry

Cause you had never let it go inside

You worked real hard and you know exactly what you want and need so believe

And you can never give up

You can reach your goals

Just talk to your soul and say

I believe i can

I believe i will

I believe i know my dreams are real

ako uli
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You might be wondering who is this cute (NO...not good)...let's try pretty (Nah, still not good enough). Unordinary? Perfect! So here goes.

Idol: My dad.

Best Lesson Got From Father: In whatever you do, decide on things that would never tarnish your family name.

Best Lesson Got From Mother: Never put powder (loose powder or face powder) on your face until you are 18. Or else you'll get those ugly black spots. (Trust me guys. This works!)

Siblings: One older brother, one younger sister and two younger brothers (one big family)

Frustrations: Becoming the first Filipina gymnast to win the Olympics hahaha and a great internationally known dancer.

Dream: To travel the world in 80 days

Realistic Dream: Have a family and a comfortable earnings, then retire with my hubby in a house by the beach. Nice!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

"It's been a long time since I came around
It's been along time but I'm back in town..."

Woooooh! Hello again dear blog! It's been a long time really. It's been eons since I last posted something here. A lot have happened, and I wanna share everything. Maybe, one at a time, I'll be posting about those LIFE-CHANGING moments for these past...hmmm...was it just a year or years?

Anyway, it's gonna be the Lunar New Year so

Haengbokhan saehae bonaeseyo!!! Happy new year to all!!!

I hope good things would come for this dragon year. I'm quite excited myself really. Go Dragon!



Posted at 05:13 pm by ydel
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Saturday, October 24, 2009
Thought of the Day: McDo

Trivia: Montpelier, the capital city of the State of Vermont, has no McDonalds; the only city perhaps in USA with no McDonalds.

I just love McDonalds' cheeseburger and French fries. When I was still in UP, my friends and I would usually head out to McDo Philcoa and would stay there overnight to review for an incoming exam. McDo (and other fast food restaurants) never fails to be on our list of places to have lunch or dinner during weekends. I was then a McDo addict, yeah, you could say that. I even collected stuffs they gave out for free with their Happy Meals (Snoopy items, Seven Dwarfs, etc.) In conclusion, life is not complete without McDonalds.  I couldn't imagine a city (a capital city, for that matter) without an outlet. It is like saying that one capital city in the Philippines has no Jollibee outlet. Shucks!

I would probably get sad or angry back then. But now, it's good to know that one city doesn't have a branch or let's say people of one city are against on putting up McDonald branch within their community; because now, I know better.

Unlike during college days, I rarely visit fast food restaurants nowadays. Rarely means ONCE every two months now. We all know fast food foods aren't really that healthy with all those oil, fats, cholesterol and all. There are lots of reasons why I got thinner compared to 8 years ago; you could say that minimizing my trips to McDo was one of them. I guess when people age, we start thinking about our future and health. I still love McDonalds' cheeseburger and fries, and even crave for it every now and then. Guess it's all about control.

Posted at 06:33 pm by ydel
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Sunday, June 21, 2009
Father's Day

For a long time now, I am not with my father whenever it's Father's Day (or even on his own birthday). Distance from school, and now from work, hinders me to celebrate it together with him. But on this day, like in the past, reminds me of how good my father is to us, his family and of how proud am I to be his daughter.

Although he is far from perfect, I idolized my father on his strength, his principles and his commitment to his family, friends and justice. I wouldn't ask any other father than him. And though it was hard when Mama left us a few years back, he remains a constant strong pillar of this family.

He is already 64; retired from the local government work but still he wouldn't stop serving for his children and community, instead of just enjoying his little farm and take the long overdue vacation. Well, that is just Papa; not even sickness can stop him from working. We, his children, would just be there for him whatever endeavor he plans to aspire in the near future.

Happy Father's Day Papa and to all the fathers out there! We love you!

Posted at 09:21 pm by ydel
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Saturday, April 04, 2009
Holy Week 2009 - Day 1


Slept at 5AM today...woke up at 7AM but I think I turned off the alarm and I dozed off again. Glad it rained hard...it woke me up at 8:30AM hahaha! Almost missed my flight. God must still love me still to wake me up that way hahaha! Still lacking of sleep though so now I feel a bit sleepy.

Mid morning traffic in Manila almost made me come late to the airport. Thank goodness the turn around flight got delayed. I was sipping an expensive-airport-priced-coffee while reading the report VOIM Korea sent last night trying to understand the details. I put it out though after convincing myself that I can't really focus that much no matter how I try. I decided to just study the people waiting like me at gate 116. Most seemed to be unpatient already since all our flights have been delayed for another 15-30minutes. There was a good number of foreigners signalling the start of summer and showing a good output to the country's tourism industry. Although I would admit that Terminal 3 is a good improvement to the once small and hot domestic airport, I am hoping the government could find a way to expand or add more runways. There was too much traffic that when we were already inside the plane, we still have to wait for another 10-15 minutes before our plane could take off. The number of airplanes (domestic and international) have increased (Cebu Pacific added 8-9 planes this year, as well as other airlines), but the three terminals all have the same runway making it too congested during heavy flight season.

The government planned to open more international airports on other major islands of the country like the one in Panglao. A big question though is how it would affect the local life of us Boholanos.

Coming to Cebu, I dropped by at VOIM Cebu office at Mandaue City as planned; talked to the manager, the team leaders and the HR there before heading to Robinson to find a grad gift for my brother. I really sucked at choosing gifts; in the end I decided not to buy anything and would just bring my brother to go shopping this Monday...s:ya na lang pumili..ang hirap eh hehehehe!

I am now at my friend, Maricar's place; one of her housemates (also from the same town with us) is celebrating her graduation day...syempre nakikain ako hahaha!

I'm sleepy...I wonder when would my B2 answer my text...hmm..nuninuni...


Posted at 09:27 pm by ydel
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Monday, March 09, 2009
Nuninuni 2009 (Vol. 1)

When I have no books to read, I am usually seen just inside our house enjoying a movie marathon. This recent weekend, my brother and I had Keanu Reeves' movies last Saturday and Will Smith's by Sunday. I have already seen these movies before, some way back during high school, but it was just so nice to watch them again. For some movies, my brother found the special effects quite funny since he already is familiar to the recent and more high-end effects of current Hollywood movies.


Keanu Reeves: HardBall, A Walk in the Clouds, Lake House, Street Kings and Point Break


Will Smith: I, Robot, Wild Wild West, Ali, Independence Day, Enemy of the State, The Pursuit to Happiness and Hitch


Andami ano? All that in just two days!!!


Next week, we planned to have the James Bond movie marathon…starting with the first James Bond movies ever, "Dr. No" (1962) and "From Russia with Love" (1963)! Waaahhh! Hopefully we can find a copy of them. The oldest James Bond movie we found and bought so far is "Goldfinger" (1964) and so on.


We were planning to watch Watchmen at the movie theater but the heat outside made us stayed home. When evening came, we were so engrossed with Will Smith's movies that we don't want to move from our seats any longer.


Perhaps we'll just have Watchmen next weekend then.


We had seen You Changed My Life first weekend of March (a treat for my sister's birthday) and my brother said he found the movie cute. Yikes! Nagbibinata na ang bro ko!!! Like the first movie of John Lloyd and Sarah, YCML carried the same cuteness and fun but on a deeper tone…the first movie was on crushes but this one had issues on having a boyfriend and career at the same time. I found the script ok but some lines so OA. Maybe for other people it is ok and cute…so sa akin na lang ung OA na un…sa akin OA talaga eh hahaha


The script needs a little improvement though in terms don sa mga issues nila sa isa't isa. On John Llyod, the writers wanted him to be so busy kaya wala n sya time kay Sarah…and to do this kailangan nagkaloko loko ung company ni JL kaya dapat nasa planta sya araw araw. But what a way to messed up JL's work…lumalabas bobo si JL. But in real life..is there a bobo businessman? Well, of course meron…pero sa movie kasi todong bobo tlaga…lumalabas hindi ata graduate ng BA Management si JL hahaha Ginawang company GM pero he decides on a wimp. No GM would do such a hasty decision unless sure sya sa outcome…syempre dahil pelikula ito, in the end eh nagkaroon ng milagro at lumalabas na nalusotan ni John Lloyd ang problema. Weird. I hate movies na di makatutuhan pero on the other hand I like this movie kasi funny hahaha


At yung issue naman ni Sarah…ung inis na sya kasi walang time sa kanya si JL…di ko masyadong gets ung usapan nila ni JL doon sa labas ng reception ng wedding ng friend nila. Ang weirdo ng  explanation ni Sarah…parang may mali sa stand nya…ewan ko…cguro ako lang ang nakapansin…mas mahal daw nya si JL…MAS mahal! So bakit pa sya nakipagrelasyon kay JL kung alam naman pala nya mula umpasa na MAS mahal nya si JL kaysa sa mahal ni JL si Sarah??? What's the point kung sa course ng relationship, mula umpasa eh di ka naman pala satisfied kasi alam mo na MAS nagmamahal ka..then isusumbat mo ito sa kanya. How ironic…at medyo di ko nagustuhan na ito ang naisip ng writer na maging plot ng movie. Lumalabas, they decided first na gawan ng sequel ung first movie ni Sarah and JL pero wala pang script…so gawa agad sila ng script…pero problem is halos lahat ng pwedeng issues ng magsyota nagamit na ata sa pelikula so ito ang na-come-up nila. Haaayyy…opinion ko lang naman po to hahaha Next time if gagawa sila script, they should talk to the common people to see ano pa ba ang pwdeng gawin plot. Kwento ko kaya sa kanila love story ko? Hahaha


Script aside…I like the movie..Siguro na rin dahil I love Sarah wekeke! However, I love best the love team Vhong and Toni. Yey yey yey!

Today is Monday…hot hot hot…summer is comin' and I feel sleepy at work. Coffeeeeee!!!


'Till next blog!

Posted at 11:39 pm by ydel
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